World Kennel Organization

– we are different –

Dogs have existed as companions of humanity for about 14,000 years, 13900 years of which the dog was a bastard. Not necessarily Pinscher, Pudel, Dachshund, but also not with cover message, litter decline, breeding suitability test and licensing purebred in the today’s sense. In the process, blows had developed that were very functional and different from each other. However, every dog ​​fulfilled a certain purpose!
Pet dogs as companion and soul comforter, predator killer, hunting dogs for all kinds of game, greyhounds, herding- and herd protection dogs, packers, shelter dogs, guard dogs and war dogs.
For about 120 years, dogs have been bred specifically, and almost all dog breeds have gone down the stream. The dogs were and are bred only for appearance, for show and exhibition purposes, have gradually lost their properties and are only a caricature of themselves. They were crippled in the truest sense of the word!

The reason of this development?

The exhibition industry often only prefers certain external, exaggerated, over-typed features, so that the bloodlines were reduced to a few so that it came to strong inbreeding and the associated gene losses. Inbreeding is unfortunately the order of the day. The more uniform the race characteristics are, the more impoverished the gene pool of a breed is. Long-term consequences include inbreeding problems and genetic defects that often lead to hereditary diseases.
The declared aim of the WKO is to breed and promote a healthy pedigree dog and irresponsibly increase it, and not to support the emergence of more and more moderates and mutations. Our goal is to work together around the world with thoroughbred dog associations, which have set themselves the goal to breed a healthy, resilient breed dog, and to unite them in the WKO. We will not support any experiments to the detriment of the dog.